Business owners often ask whether it's better to set up their own Amazon ads agency and advertising campaigns or if they should hire a professional. For most businesses, I recommend starting with self-serve and learning how to set up your first campaign on your own. While hiring an outside agency may make sense if you've got an extensive budget, most businesses should be able to get by without paying someone else. Start small and give it a shot on your own. To set up your first campaign, follow these easy steps

When you create an Amazon ad, you’ll be charged a Cost Per Click (CPC) fee every time someone clicks on your ad. The cost depends on your bidding strategy—also known as your Maximum CPC bid. Your maximum bid is what you’re willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad; keep in mind that each click costs more than just money, though—it also costs you time. The higher your maximum CPC bid, then, means that your ads are likely to get more clicks but at a greater price (aka. time lost). Try starting out with a low maximum CPC bid and adjusting as needed based on how many customers end up clicking through to your product listing.

Amazon’s paid advertising service, Amazon Sponsored Products (or Amazon PPC), is still a great way to put your products in front of shoppers. When used correctly, you can increase your product sales and reach new audiences. It just takes some trial and error to master running profitable campaigns. Follow these nine tips to ensure you’re maximizing results from your Amazon PPC ad campaigns. How to Run an FBA Campaign on a Small Budget : If you don’t have thousands or even hundreds of dollars budgeted for your next Amazon advertising campaign, don’t worry—you can still run successful ads! Here are some quick tips for running quality campaigns on any budget.